I would love to help you create the home or office of your dreams! For as long as I can remember I have taken a great interest in the spaces in which I live or work. I have always possessed a great love for interior design and the way it can transform not only the space itself but also the mood of the people within it. I knew that by making it my career I was choosing to do what I love. I have had the pleasure of working in many different styles and within many different budgets. Under the guidance of our experienced directors, our energetic team applies both artistic and technical expertise to create a design that suits each client’s brief.


Shafeer Kurichilakkandi 

Improved Communication

We guide our clients through each step in the design process and makes it our goal to understand clients’ aspirations and learn their stories, developing a relation while creating the design plan.

It is this personal attention that allows us to create customized design solutions tailored to reflect each client’s needs, tastes and lifestyle.


Our Vision

We believe “Style” has nothing to do with money and everything to do with how you use and compliment what you already have. Living well should not be saved for special occasions, but rather, life should be about the small moments where we can awaken the senses and bring beauty into our everyday lives. Our goal is to take the pretentiousness out of the design process and make it a fun and enjoyable partnership experience for all who want to engage.
Each detail is meticulously planned with client in mind and chosen for its functionality, meaning and beauty. These unique items are then blended with modern art, custom upholster and fine textiles. These elements create a space both modern and timeless.
Based on sound experience, highly skilled and result oriented team, to provide all our valued customers better and better service in segments we specialized. Our vision is to grow and reach to a sustainable level where all our valued customers’ trust for long lasting relation expanded operation throughout GCC.

Our Mission

Mission statement is simple and straight “Work to Succed” through all circumstances to achieve best results in time and complete projects with full intergrity. responsibility and zero torlerance for errors and delays.
Our ultimate goal is to make the design process and enjoyable one for our client while delivering superior value, outstanding quality and an exacting attention to detail.

About Us 


Maximized Productivity And Customer Satisfaction Service

We work tirelessly to present highly desirable yet sensible space and design solutions for each of our clients, regardless of the size or scale of the project. The success of a project depends on our ability to exceed the wishes of our clients by providing them with an environment that will contribute to their well-being for years to com

Cost Oriented Services

From simple makeovers to complete renovations of large and small spaces, the skilled residential interior designers at Shaan Interior can cover your Interior Decorating Service and Design needs quickly and affordably.

Team Work

Shaan Interior works through well qualified, sound experience and intensely motivated individuals to accomplish all type of projects, large scale, medium scale and low scale and provide quality and innovative solutions to complex fit-outs, interiors and exteriors.

We believe that our clients’ satisfaction is our pride.
In the last decade we have seen the scale of our projects expand and our geographic reach extend internationally. After years of advancing sustainable design in the Bay area, we chose uae & Qatar for our office expansion. While the firm continues to grow, we are determined to stay true to our values, collaboratively creating places that enrich lives and positively impact people and the environment.

Design does not emerge from thin air and we look for ideas in everything we do. Ideas are personal, the result of unique interests and exposure. But ideas are also universal, implicit in the histories and future of our shared experience. We think that innovative and inspired designs are achieved through the integration of the client’s aspirations, the project’s programmatic requirements and the culture and character of the project’s location.